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Advice from Itsy........

Hello guys,


Itsy Bitsy reporting live ~~

Well they say it is spring. I know my alergies have been giving me a fit. Mommy has to take me to the vet for meds. Sometimes it makes me sleepy, so I can't take too much.

The fleas and ticks are really bad this year. That is what Fairbanks Animal Clinic says. So mommy had the yard sprayed and sprayed and my brothers and I are on advantix. It covers fleas and ticks. See if your mommy will get you some. It really works!! I don't like fleas. They make me itchy and I can't sleep well.  Not to mention that the other dogs don't want to be associated with me if I have them. I love my friends and do not want to be without my friends. Mommy said it was important for me to socialize and be nice and all that because she owns a grooming salon. I do the best I can, but some dogs really scare me. I would like to take it a little slower before they start sniffing me and stuff. But Mommy says that is the way dogs communicate, and thet it is important for my social skills. I just wanted to say hello and warn you guys about ticks, fleas, and allergies. Other than that see you at the dog park. And remember, be kind to all you meet, they may just be sitting next to you at the vet or groomers....Paws and think about it before being rude, and you rear end sniffers.....( TMI ) Love you all....Itsy Bitsy <3